The Wedding

Our last stop on our tour of the Costa Blanca, which had so far taken in Javea, Cartagena and Valencia was Alicante.

On route to the port town we made a quick detour to the very pretty Santa Pola, which has a very nice marina, a long, inviting beach, and an abundance of shell shops! Only a short drive away towards Gran Alacant is the Santa Pola Lighthouse which has a fabulous skywalk peaking out over the headland, offering incredible views of the coastline. Well worth a trip.

 Santa Pola lighthouse, Costa Blanca, Spain

It does Alicante a huge disservice just to see it as the airport city of Costa Blanca, it has so much to offer than that. We found it to be a lively, fun port town, complete with towering castle, marina, beach, and a quaint old quarter. We dropped off the hire car and spent a lovely couple of days winding down at the end of our break. One surprise was the quantity and quality of the vegetarian restaurants, which is always a good sign.

Castle Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain

All of Alicante is walk-able and easily explorable in a couple of days. There's even a funicular to help you up to the castle if the cobbled, steep, narrow streets of the old quarter prove too much in the heat.
Along the impressive waterfront are market stalls, restaurants, and bars but it doesn't feel too touristy. The locals of the town are out having their fun too.
Along the waterfront you'll find the distinctive inland lighthouse, the Alicante light.

Alicante Light, Alicante, Spain

On our last night from our hotel balcony overlooking the harbour, we watched a wedding party start to gather momentum. And as we left for the airport the following morning we chanced upon the bride and groom and a few guests emerging from their celebration, still in full party mode.
They certainly now how to celebrate in Alicante, and it's a beautiful place for it.

Alicante, Spain


  1. I visited Spain last year with my family. I loved their architecture. It is gorgeous! I will go again with my husband. In fact, I have already booked the tickets and it is a surprise for him. I am getting married by the end of this year in one of the Chicago venues and then I am going to fly here back with my husband to explore more.


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