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Out Of Time

Francesco da Mosto is an Italian Historian. A Venetian born and bred who's family heart is ingrained in the rich tapestry of the city. In fact, in his wonderful BBC series from 2004 he credits a long distant relative with giving Lord Byron a dose of the clap. His enthusiasm and passion for Venice is a joy to behold and I thoroughly recommend anyone contemplating visiting the city to watch his excellent four part BBC series 'Francesco's Venice'.

The series gives a concise, enlightening journey through Venice's history. From the refugees fleeing Attila the Hun and establishing the city in the lagoon, to the daring Venetian raid on Constantinople which established the city's control of the most lucrative trade routes in the world. From the sacking of Venice by Napoleon to the new influx of writers and artists (Byron, Dickens, Turner) drawn by the city's decaying beauty, only for their interest to herald a new age of sightseers and tourism that are, at t…

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