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The Stars (Are out tonight)

Charlottetown to West Point
We reluctantly left the fabulous Charlottetown and headed west to our final stop over.
Route 2 took us most of the way before hitting the designated lighthouse trail, Route 12, that takes in Northport and Alberton. We hugged the coast to the northern most point of PEI before heading back down the West Cape to our final Canadian destination of West Point.

In Northport, the Northport Range Rear Lighthouse is easy to find just off the highway adjacent to a community centre.

The Northport Range Former Lighthouse - Now a fabulous looking home, is in a much more dramatic setting. Driving to the end of Carol street in Alberton and then a short but lovely walk along the beach you can't miss the imposing former lighthouse.
And what views it has!
It looks out directly across to Cascumpeque Sandy Island, complete with its own picturesque lighthouse.

Cascumpeque Lighthouse on Cascumpeque Sandy Island opposite the entrance to Northport Harbour island - It's only…

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