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The one I love

From Yarmouth we headed north on the Evangeline Trail which is a scenic road that wraps around the west and north-west coast of Nova Scotia.
The road is named after a fictional poem Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The tragic poem describes the betrothal of the an Acadian girl Evangeline to Gabriel, before they are forced to separate as the British deport the Acadians from Acadie in what became known as the Great Upheaval. Evangeline spends her life travelling across America in search of her loved one, at some times being close but unaware of the fact.
She is finally reunited when, as an old woman, tending to the dying during an epidemic she finds Gabriel among the sick, and he dies in her arms.
So perhaps it was quite apt that the weather was overcast and melancholy as we started on the trail in search of lighthouses.
First stop was Cape St. Mary Lighthouse which is perched over steeps cliffs. The rum runners who used to frequent the cliff caves have long …

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