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The Strange Museum

After a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to the Basque Country in San Sebastian, it was time to leave to coast and head inland to our next destination Bilbao, the unofficial capital of the Basque Country. Bilbao is only ninety minutes on the coach from the coast through wonderful green, mountainous countryside.It's a industrial city port that has enjoyed a remarkable regeneration in recent years. The rejuvenation is mainly in part to the investment in the incredible Guggenheim Museum on the river Nervión and the subsequent benefits this has brought to the city.

As we walked to our hotel from the bus station we were struck by how quiet and sedate the city was. And this laid back feel continued beyond the siesta-time first impressions for the whole of our stay.

Any walk along the Nervión river is a pleasure, and an easy way to navigate your way around the city. Following the river you can't fail to miss the Guggenheim Museum, and any trip to Bilbao has to start there. Th…

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