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Prince Edward Island
Continuing on the south-eastern leg of our PEI tour (the first part of the day can be found here) we arrived at the Cape Bear Lighthouse and Marconi Museum. This is the site of the Marconi Station where the distress call from the Titanic was famously picked up. In the lighthouse is a museum celebrating the Marconi station as well as a small gift shop. You can also access the lamp room to take in the views of where the lighthouse once stood. A few years ago the lighthouse was moved several hundred metres away from the eroding coastline.

Cape Bear Lighthouse and Marconi Museum

You'll find a trio of lighthouses adjacent to the ferry terminal at Wood Islands.
The largest, the Wood Islands Lighthouse is now home to a quite brilliantly bonkers museum boasting 11 themed rooms. They showcase period lighthouse keeper dwellings, the history of the ferry terminal, rum-running and the infamous burning ship of PEI. There's also a gift shop and again, access to the lamp room which offer fabulous views of the port and the other smaller lighthouses.

Wood Islands Lighthouse model on display in the museum, PEI

Wood Islands Lighthouse, PEI
The Wood Islands Back Range Lighthouse was decommissioned along with the Front Range Lighthouse several years ago. Both were relocated from the harbour pier to the grounds of the main lighthouse.

Wood Islands Back Range Lighthouse from the lamp room of Woods Island Lighthouse, PEI

Wood Islands Front Range Lighthouse, PEI

Our last stop of the day was the wonderful Prim Point Lighthouse which turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip, and you can find out why here.

Prim Point Lighthouse, PEI

Prim Point Lighthouse, PEI


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