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Prince Edward Island
Blockhouse Point Lighthouse is located on the west side of the entrance to Charlottetown Harbour, overlooking Northumberland Strait on the south shore of Prince Edward Island.
Currently it looks like a scene from a horror movie! 
It's set in deep woods, the grounds are unkempt and the actual lighthouse building is rotting away.
That combined with it's imposing, solitary position means it resonates with a spooky, haunting aurora. Still pretty spectacular!

The lighthouse and the land it sits on is one of several areas under discussion with the Mi'kmaq Confederacy and the Canadian government. Mi'kmaq  are a First Nations people indigenous to Canada's Atlantic Provinces.
Some community groups are looking to take over affected lighthouses on P.E.I. but no work can be carried out until ownership is agreed. Lets hope it gets resolved soon and the lighthouse is restored to it's former glory.

Blockhouse Point Lighthouse, PEI

Blockhouse Point Lighthouse, PEI

Slightly north of Blockpoint is the Port La Joye - Fort Amherst Historic National Park.
In the park, the Front and Rear Lighthouses of Warren Cove can be found.
It's a very pleasant place to visit with lots of trails to explore and enjoy the fabulous sea views.
Adding to the beautiful scenery, we were greeted by a kaleidoscope of butterflies, millions of them everywhere! It was a special way to end our first day bagging on PEI.

Today was a lovely reminder of why we spend our time looking for lighthouses.
We get asked the question a lot "why search out lighthouses?", and it's for days like this.
We travelled up and down the coast enjoying wonderful views and finding spectacular places we just wouldn't have otherwise seen if there hadn't been a lighthouse there to find.x

Warren Cove Range Rear Lighthouse, PEI

Warren Cove Range Front Lighthouse, PEI


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