Driving South (part two)

Welcome to the second part of our journey from Halifax to Yarmouth in Nova Scotia.

Continuing along the Nova Scotia's South shore, next up was Abbott's Harbour Lighthouse.
The lighthouse actually forms part of the historical Acadian village of Nova Scotia.
It is a full on living museum complete with actors and enthusiasts demonstrating how their ancestors lived and worked. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to spend as long as we would have liked to explore, we were on a lighthouse mission.

Abbott's Harbour Lighthouse, Nova Scotia
Salmon River Lighthouse had a previous life as a working lighthouse but in the 1980s was decommissioned, sold and  moved to West Pubnico.
It now sits rather sadly next to a closed down gift store on a highway.

Salmon River Lighthouse, Nova Scotia
We did bag a unexpected lighthouse in a harbour we passed as we neared Yarmouth.
We spotted Bunker Island Lighthouse sitting pretty amongst a throng of fishing boats.

Bunker Island Lighthouse, Nova Scotia
We were doing well for time, so the last stop of the day was at the spectacular Cape Forchu Lighthouse.
It really does live up to the billing and there are plenty of pathways around the headland to see the lighthouse towering on its outcrop from several vantage points.
I love this photo, it's has a feel of Edward Hopper.

Cape Forchu Lighthouse, Nova Scotia
We'd driven 245 miles in just over six hours and bagged nine lighthouses.
We deserved a beer! And whilst Yarmouth isn't the prettiest town in Nova Scotia it does has a great local bar called Rudders Brew Pub.
Craft beers, live music and a comforting haddock and mashed potato dinner.
What more do you need after a busy day bagging?


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