Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Tower

Niagara Falls is a two hour megabus journey from Toronto and you arrive at a fairly innocuous bus station in the north of the resort.
We had prebooked tickets for a selection of the attractions and that also entitles you to hop on and off the Wego bus that runs up and down the river.

So we hopped off at Clifton Hill and were thrown full on into the Niagara experience. I was quite unprepared for the size of the resort that has been built around the American Falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.
Think more Vegas than National Trust.
Folk obviously come to Niagara for full vacations, not just day trippers like us, and there was plenty to keep them busy and hoover up their dollars.
Most of it isn't pretty.

But the falls themselves are spectacular and the thirty minute boat trip really gets you up close to both falls, and you can't help but laugh as everyone gets thoroughly soaked.

And I dare anyone (of a certain age) to walk along the river to Table Rock and not think of Lois lane and Superman, and it's here that you can really get a sense of the natural power of this place.

Horseshoe Falls from Table Rock

Maybe we've been spoilt by trips to Iceland where you can drive along the south coast, park up with little fuss at the Skagafoss or Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, and take in the sights with little danger of seeing even a hotdog stand.
Niagara is a very different proposition.

Our boat tour guide informed us that the American Falls are eroding and will eventually become one of the largest set of rapids in the world.
You get the feeling they are already building the ride.


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