Just Like the Rain

Prince Edward Island
As we entered our third week in Canada our luck with the weather ran out and we woke up to torrential rain, as PEI caught the edge of the hurricanes that were hitting the USA.
But we decided to crack on bagging, and headed to the southern peninsula of PEI to make our way around the coast covering Montague, Panmure Island and Murray Harbour.

Georgetown Range Front Lighthouse in Lower Montague is now privately owned and consists of a small apartment. The modern replacement is nearby but isn't accessible. I popped out of the car for one minute to take the photo below and was rewarded with a thorough soaking!

Georgetown Range Front Lighthouse, PEI

After searching for a while we finally spotted Georgetown Range Rear Lighthouse from the side of the road as it materialised through the rain and mist.

Georgetown Range Rear Lighthouse, PEI

The weather was getting seriously atrocious as we headed through Panmure Island Provincial Park and drove along the dramatic causeway to Island. The Panmure Head Lighthouse watches over the southwest entrance to Cardigan Bay and was a welcome port in a storm. The lighthouse was open and we enjoyed shelter from the weather perusing the gift shop and watching the rain from the lamp room.
The weather had almost forced us to turn back on this one but we were very glad we persevered and were duly rewarded with a fine lighthouse.

Panmure Head Lighthouse, PEI

Panmure Head Lighthouse from the causeway, PEI

The weather showed signs of abating as we drove around the coast to Murray Harbour. But it was still bad enough to prevent us getting any closer to Murray Harbour Range Front Lighthouse - We saw the lighthouse from across the dunes on the beach, and whilst it is accessible by foot, in this instance we didn't didn't venture any further.

Murray Harbour Range Front Lighthouse, PEI

The credit to finding the next lighthouse goes to the excellent Canadian Lights App. We used it throughout our trip in conjunction with google maps as well as good old-fashioned research.
The grounds to Murray Harbour Range Rear Lighthouse are closed to the public, but we managed to find an OK vantage point from an adjacent road.

Murray Harbour Range Rear Lighthouse

Our rainy day around the south of PEI continues here.


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